The Souless

Date: 5/4/2017

By JoshuaMorgan2002

The date is not exact but I wrote it in my actual journal so I remember it. My parents were so angry and disappointed at what I had done they tried to eat me alive. When I called my dad who wasn't trying to eat me or even look at me he turned around and a look of sadness and disappointment crossed his face and all I could do was cry and be in pain as my family tore my body as well as my mind to shreds and ate them like the souless husks they were. My mom was so mad that I had left a bowl of spaghetti that we were supposed to eat for the week so she tore layers of my skin off, I cried but she just kept telling me I shouldn't always think of just myself. I looked into her eyes but instead of seeing regret at what she was doing all I saw was a void.