He sat on me

Date: 5/7/2017

By gnarleybarleyy

i was laying across the sofa with Collin gently sitting over my mid section, in a way that he wasnt hurting me. I dont know where we were or what sofa but his friend Zach entered the room. He immediately started talking to Collin and i tuned him out, as normal. He walked away or out of the room for a moment and when he came back he motioned to sit on my face! He didnt see me laying there and when he sat down, Collin and i both were telling him to "Get up" "Zach, get up!" and i was literally punching the underneath of his legs but he took forever getting up! He didnt understand- he thought Collin was being mean and saying he couldnt sit next to him. When he realized, he looked a little embarrassed, i was pissed and Collin was laughing while upset with him.