Pants on fire, black vortex in a game

Date: 8/13/2017

By TheNagual

I traveled through an inside pool area with the intent to get to the baseball fields outside. Inside there was a swim class of adults who were terrible at swimming. I crossed over the pool in an effortless attempt and noted how I swam faster than them even with my head up. I mocked the coached a bit and winked at him as I left. I followed a long line of grass and fence until I got to the field. Jmar was up to bat, who was also me. He had incredible power ready for swing. The first two swings were fouls, the last was a firework that I was supposed to hit into the sky. I missed and it ignited my black sweat pants on fire. It was hot and dry out and I feared being burned alive. I acted quick and put it out with the surrounding sand and noted my quick thinking. Inside a class I played a game on a small game device. I attempted to show her while I looked away from her. Jc wanted to put the device down. The game was strange and a demonic voice spoke about how anything it touched turned to matter. Matter in this case was something of evil omen. There was a small black vortex in the game which my character jumped through. I traveled through an airport that was in construction and passed by many different class of workers, engineers and electricians. No one seemed to notice me. I ended back at the beginning, a small concession stand. There were four girls at my table, three of which I could see at first. Then there was the fourth who I did not see, she attempted to high five my hand but I acted sarcastically. We then worked on an unknown project together.