Superpowers and a slightly different life

Date: 3/14/2017

By Faith997

So I was in this huge hall with my best friend and someone else I dont remember. There were mountains literally mountains of chairs that were stacked so high and in a pattern that could remind you of the alps but in a huge hall. I was able to jump super high and super far and I was as light as a feather so that I could jump on these mountains and climb them. I was jumping all over the place enjoying my powers. In the middle on the hall was a pool full of lava but it didnt harm me when I landed on it. In my second dream I woke up at a friends apartment that didnt really resembled his real apartment in rl. Anyway my dream memories told me that we were drinking some and that I wanted to visit my parents that day (I dont live at parents anymore) so I had to figure out how to get to my home with no car and how to get to my parents with no car and it was Sunday. Suddenly I met my best friend who just came from my university (which didnt make any sense because my best friend lives 200 km away from me in that town where my parents live and it was sunday which means that the university should be closed) but I asked him if he could drive me home so I could get my baggage and then take me to my parents. (Some more details: it was winter because there was snow, then it began to rain very heavy, the university in my dream was slightly different than the one in rl, when I woke up at my friends apartment I couldnt really open my eyes and everything was really dark which happens very often in my dream (dream sign) but my dream told my that it was my hangover so I didnt question it)