shit world and LSD

Date: 8/16/2017

By Dungeon-Dude

I think we were under dnd rules and the world had gone to shit. me, simon, and a few other kids were huddles in what appeared to be my Grandmothers belapitated apartment in Brügge. I was leading them. instead of going out in the wasteland, I stayed inside and managed the whole shibang. I was wielding my sword breaker. then the whole thing went to shit. the sewers were overrun with something. maybe Nazis. maybe frogs. when I went down to fix it, the joker and batman were fighting down there. when I joined in, I turned into sherlock homes with a rapier. at some point, I was myself again and on a city (maybe Lüdenscheid) that had a castle in the middle of the town. there was also a train station named after me. I was some kind of war hero? I met my parents in said castle. it had moss covered green walls. I was trying to get back to bonn via train. I said train station, there was a very long bar, more of a beer garden, that was completely empty. I was looking for the trains and the toilets there. After I missed my train because the air was like molasses and I could barely move, I called my mother if she could drive. she took me home to a strangely incomplete version of my room. there, I took an LSD pill that I apparently had (and had taken before) and got high. my parents were talking about sending me outside, which I found to be not a good idea. the pill made everything strange and vivid. for some reason, my pc setup was stationed where my audio setup was, and I had my old desk back with my laptop. I told my mom about the LSD. She did care much, just if it wasn't pure.