Alien Disclosure

Date: 7/29/2017

By trenttt

A few friends and I were at a bar in the city around 11pm or 12am. It was a rooftop bar where we could sit outside and hang out. As we conversed I noticed a large shape appear in the sky, similar to something I actually saw when I was younger. It was a very large circle that covered most of the sky and inside of it was a maze like structure, similar to a circle maze. This object didn't appear to be a 3 dimensional shapez but rather like it was drawn in the sky. A moment later, the circle became like a screen and on it was some form of alien species. They spoke of being from another star system and that they'd been visiting earth for a while. Everyone including myself thought that there was no way this was real. It must be some prank or something. The projection proceeded to show these robot like flying machinesz flying all in a row. Suddenly what was being shown on the projection appeared right in front of us on the street. Dozens of flying machines in a line drifting down the street. They all stop and the species began to speak. We continued thinking, "this can't be real. These are just some type of hologram or something". The machines began shooting all over the place rapidly. People panicked for a second before realizing that they were not being hit by these bullets, yet they were hitting light poles and other things. This proved that this was indeed real. It continued for a while longer before dying down. The machines left and so did the screen in the sky. The next day went on as usual, with little talk of what had happened.