Through the shark's asshole.

Date: 7/5/2019

By MeddlingGoat

Philip, Su and I were scuba diving, with no gear for some reason.Then all of a sudden a shark appeared and started swallowing us one by one. Next thing I know, we're in its stomach. The stomach was quiet large, probably the size of a single car garage but only about 2m high. It was pretty dark in there but the moon light illuminated parts of it ( dream logic). There were stock piles of fish and snakes in one section, almost looked like they were displayed for sale, sitting in their individual, naturally formed of flesh and bone, baskets. We started panicking a little bit, thinking that this was the end for us, this is how we die. On the opposite corner of the stomach there was a girl, maybe in her twenties. Seemed like she was there for quiet some time. Behind her was her little brother wearing an astronaut's helmet. We swam to them in a rush. " How the fuck do we get out of here?" I asked them. " I have no idea!" She replied, while shrugging her shoulders. So then I thought to myself * c'mon think logically, what can we do...sharks can't regurgitate so we can't make it vomit us out...* "Through its ASSHOLE!!!" I yelled out " We need to get out through the shark's asshole!". And as i said that, a thought occured that 'Shark's asshole' might be the last words I say before I die. The girl giggled and said " I can't believe in a situation like this you can make me laugh. It sounds really funny but it makes sense." So then we proceeded with the plan. We decided that her brother would be the first to get out, since he was the smallest and was wearing a helmet. The shark's asshole was located at the top of the stomach, so we lifted him up and forced him through it. It was a tight fit but we were making progress. Then, one by one we followed him in. I remember it was dark and slimy in there. And as we were crawling out, I woke up.