Secret Society Murder

Date: 6/27/2017

By skatergoth

A mix/combination (meaning that they were the same person in my dream) of a girl I know named Alice and an anime person had gruesomely murdered a young person by stabbing them to death. They were indoctrinated into a secret society and they had recorded the murder I believe. No one knew who murdered the kid until the middle of the dream and then they were taken away. I also believe that the secret society had made songs with subliminal messages about the murder. They had put the body onto a cross and then stabbed it to death. There was a period when we were waiting for the murderer to be taken away and we all shunned them. They would want things and they would be denied because they murdered someone. We found out it was them because of the video of them stabbing the child. Multiple people were in on the murder as well. The murder was somewhat sexually driven as well, but just a little bit. Then after they were taken away, it became around Christmas time and my house became a school even though it looked the exact same. There were people all around the house, some that were a part of the secret society and some that weren't. The people who weren't had a language where they replaced certain words about the murder. The people not in the society were some of my teachers and random people from buzzfeed videos. The secret society members would patrol and monitor our conversations and so we were all very on edge because we didn't want to be murdered. At one point I ordered someone who was my friend Jason but didn't look like it behind my house so I could tell him about the society. When I got to the side of the house, all of these cars were blockading the driveway that would allow me to get to him. A society member miraculously made the cars move and asked us why we were behind the house. He goes to tell her what actually happened but I cut him off and said we were going to talk about how we were going to break the news to everyone that we were dating because we were like " Pam and Jim from the Office", then I pulled him inside. I was looking around the house and in all of the bedrooms there were ominous looking children that now lived here for some reason, they all had long napkin like papers in their hands which in the dream meant they were going to choke us with them. I went downstairs and for some reason it was only non-members. I told them to sleep at their houses tonight and to not sleep here. I then looked into my porch and there was a group of members discussing who to murder. I walked away and went towards the stairs where only members were. I told everyone to be quiet and we all listened to the upstairs level like in that Scene from Get Out.