Skipped classes & affection

Date: 4/21/2017

By mysticmusic94

Had two dreams: 1. I was in school and I skipped a few periods with my friend JA. I went home and my mom told me I was grounded so I put on school clothes again since i was in pjs for some reason and I walked back to school. On my way back to school I passed my grandpas ex girlfriend and she said hi ( i haven't seen her in years lmao). When i got back to school I had extreme anxiety because I had missed a few hours of that day. I tried going to every class before the class I had at that time. I went to history first and while I was in there she was taking like a half an hour to give me what I missed and i was getting very inpatient because I was missing Spanish class. When she finally gave me the work i missed i was extremely confused on how to do it so i just took it and left. Then when i was finally done i went to english and there was a sub. She also took a very long time to give me everything I needed. She had to make extra copies or something but she finally gave me my work. Then i went to Spanish and missed most of the period. I was pretty upset. 2. For some reason I always have dreams that I'm dating my friend JV. I just kept hugging him and stuff in school in my dream. It was weird... I don't even like him like that in reality lmao.