Driving from primary school?

Date: 8/18/2017

By idek654

I drove a bus in third person and badly injured some old women because I couldn't drive it nor could I find out where the indicators were because it was 3rd person Then I had a weird dream that Thomas Easen tried being my boyfriend (we was in primary school AGAIN) and for whatever reason I was in a garden and opened a bird hut (there was a robin in there who was Thomas) and I told him not to fly out because for whatever reason I had no leggings on? But he did anyway and we talked about stuff after he became human? School found out that I drove the bus and walked me home and I told them 'I'm supposed to be at my Nana's but I'm going to my mums' I went to mums house and automatically cried out when a random ginger kid answered the door telling me she doesn't live there anymore, this was because this was a follow up from the dream I had where she was resurrected Following up the Thomas dream, we had a strange musical on a ship that held a load of ships so yeah