Weird Boat Trip

Date: 5/28/2019

By Leanna25k

I was going on a youth trip and this trip is on a boat. I packed my things and understood what I needed such as my bedding and where that is. I said goodbye to my family and started to feel homesick as soon as I was heading upstairs with my bedding. People were very talkative and asked me personal questions. Then, I began to daydream that I was still at home and came back to reality confused as to where I was so I walked back down stairs until the people in charge got mad at me thinking I was rebelling and brought dragged me back up. At this point I remembered where I was and explained it to her. She asked me lots of personal questions and then wouldn’t stop going on about lust and I was freaked out by her. I wanted to go home. She kept talking creepily and coming close to me and all the other people were... defending and protecting me which was a good feeling. She went berserk on all of us. Then I woke up