Date: 9/9/2019

By dreamnet19

Last night before falling asleep, I was researching Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club, which is where I assume this dream stemmed from. My dreams were very disjointed and they skipped around, but I distinctly remember dreaming that there was this feeling of pressure in my lower left jawline. I could wiggle one of my teeth with my tongue. I reached my finger back to feel the tooth, and it came right out- I dropped it and could feel it loose in my mouth like swishing around a cold rock. A crown also popped off of another tooth (I don’t have a crown in real life.) It was very unpleasant. I looked in the mirror and saw the gaping hole, could feel the depression again with my tongue. I was immediately terrified because I knew I didn’t have dental insurance and wouldn’t be able to go in for professional care. The dream ended in discomfort and fear.