Simple dream

Date: 9/20/2019

By abhi7

My dog came to my bed to wake me up , then my turtle came which is no more now ,later I was my turtle inside the wash basin ,and then I was in a train where both the side whr open , I step out from the train and went to a slum, I had tooth brush with we , I was a lady washing beside a street pipe , I took some water and washed my face and brush my teeth , then there was a television in front of me the pipe vanished & even my tooth brush too , I took the remote and change the channels , two woman's was sitting beside me they where stating at me , and one woman was holding my turtle but this time turtle having wings, then I saw some of my friends coming and I was in a resort I asked some that I need to change my room , he said let me see wether there is any rooms vacant. And my dream ends , I don't think my dream ends the reality is an not able to recollect what happened after that , this was my dream I saw .