Rhino Madness

Date: 2/20/2017

By tikky

First thing i remember, i was at sea, doing whatever. Then these people came from somewhere, and were chased by a rhino of sorts. There was this cute girl that i liked so i stayed close to her. BAM, a huge rhino out of nowhere. We ran away into the city, some pillar-styled museums were all i remember. The chase was long as fuck and there were these tiny crannies between the pillars that i could fit through but a rhino couldn't. So i pretty much made him angry as hell. After a while he cornere us. We had nowhere to run, so i picked up a wooden stick, it was sharp, like a spear. THEN, the fucking rhino grabs some weird can and starts spilling some dark black powder all over his hands. I'm like wait, what? He's fucking human! So i go to him and he takes my hands and puts that powder shit on my hands too. For some reason nobody could speak the whole time. So here i am, pointing at his hands. And he's showing me that i'm right, he IS missing a finger. That's where i lost it and finally was able to speak. DUDE LOOK AT YOUR HANDS UR HUMAN MOTHERFUCKER WHY WERE YOU CHASING US?!?! AND WHATS WITH THE FUCKING POWDER?!?! "Yeah, thats my daughter right there, and we're all the first phase in human trials" instant wakeup