Cam had kittens

Date: 6/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I found a litter of really small kittens. There were four of them. Two were white and had little patches of orange and one was blackish and one was brown maybe? And I was like oh that's why he's been acting so weird by wanting to be under things and in dark places. And I made them a nest and I thought I killed them on accident. But Cam came back and I put each one on him and they drank milk and were okay. But they were like weird they were clear and I could see the milk fill them up and they felt kinda plastic-y. And then Cam left and I put them back in their nest. And then I was at Brooke boulevard's and Alex gave me a clementine and a brownie and they ended up having weed in them?? And I was super, super high. And we were laughing and I was basically dying and then I woke up.