Worst night

Date: 2/22/2017

By cjguinan

Nate and I got into a big fight. I can't remember what it was about. He goes and leaves without saying where he's going. It then jump cuts to me with his face in my hands. I'm in what looks like a parking garage but I find out later it's a jail. The parking garage is high up. It looks out on a city with this big wide openings, but there's no way to really get down. Nate looks really out of it. His eyes glazed over and he's not saying a word. Like he can't understand me. So I keep trying to get him to focus on my, but he's trying to look away to clean up the parking garage. He's got a broom. I look around and see everyone in this "jail" is also sweeping around different piles of dirt. So I start walking around and trying to get something out of someone else who is there. No one wants to talk to me. I finally get to this person who turns out to be a girl when I get closer to her. I ask her if she knows anything about that man (pointing to Nate). She is hesitant at first but then starts mumbling something about a night club. She was at a night club and chatting with Nate. (I'm now having images like I'm her). I see myself as her slip him something but I don't hear her mention it as she's talking. Then the police show up to raid the night club. She /I grab Nate's wrist to get him out of there before the cops grab us but we aren't fast enough because whatever I slipped him is making him appear drunk. The story slips away and I'm back in this "jail" talking to the girl. She stopped talking. So I ask her, looking into her face "Did you see him take or drink anything?" She starts to narrow her eyes before I hear my name being called. These men somehow appeared looking like they're in charge so I hesistantly go over there. They basically say they picked him up from the club, not sure how he got there. They think he's dumb (mentally). However, they can't let him go because he was seen with a person of interest. I immediately look at the girl. The cops look at me and ask, "Did she say anything to you?" I say no but I need to take my husband home, he's sick. They ask me what he was doing there? I say I don't know. They are starting to sound like he was in on something so I start yelling at the men saying that it wasn't him and they need to let him go. I'm back talking to Nate and out of the corner of my eye I see the woman who is clearly being let go as she's wearing her night club outfit instead of jail clothes. She's talking to another jail guy who played dumb with me earlier. That's when my alarm went off...