Various and Unique Family Obligations

Date: 3/31/2017

By Fitful

I am a child with two sisters. Our mother dies early on in the dream, and our father is devastated. Out mother begins haunting the place she is this beautiful golden entity swiveling in streams of ribbon light above our heads near the ceiling. We only see her once or occasionally. Our father goes mad, he rants and raves all the time, is violent and mad. We're very scared of him. Finally one day he is so mad he screams and slammed his fist down on the floor and the whole house cracks. Literally floors and walls crack and crumble. I get us away, outside, and the police have showed up. A man who has been caring the house is after us, following our trail in the grass, we literally haven't gone far and he is going to catch us. I'm not sure who we're more scared of our father or him. I'm not sure what he intends but it isn't good. My two sisters and I are cornered and they find in the pressure and fear of discovery they have magic. Their magic, unfortunately, is softer magic for harmony and healing, I try third, to see if I have magic. I add oatmeal to mud and with a flash I pull out a gleaming golden sword. It's perfect and strong metal. I use it to defend us against whomever is coming around the corner. ------ I am an adult and my father clearly remarried, I am visiting them. I might be hired to watch my new sister once or twice. I come at Christmas and it's nice, they have a really nice house. It's huge, with ceilings that go up hundreds of feet. They are obviously very wealthy. The first Christmas I am there I have such fun and grow attached to my new little sister. My little four year old sister runs away a lot. She goes to the neighbors house, a nearby mansion, and shuts out the owner and throws a party. There are dancing fish and lots of dancing animals. My father just thinks its amusing and knows shes safe whenever she goes over there. I feel a bit down the second Christmas when I come over to spend time with her but she's runaway to the neighbors mansion. I follow and the neighbors are indeed thrown out of their house, and despair about it. There is a huge party going on. She is singing and dancing. Her fish, well she made him a lot of pretty female fish, the same for her cat. They are all also dancing. It's a really jumping party. Lots of make believe things all created and happy and partying. I join in. -------- I am being forcefully detained at a party, this time hosted by my mother. I was gone for a long time, (I think I was in jail? - the image of me being 'gone' was indicated down, down where I don't know) and when I come back she insists on throwing me a party. I think I was more happy being 'gone'. She also brushes my hair, too hard. I keep telling her it's damaged and she needs to brush gently, but she brushes and brushes and brushes until she's pulling out chunks. Finally she's finished and my hair does look nice but she pulled out so much there's enough to make a second wig. I'm upset about that but for some reason I start singing like Selena Gomez and I really hate myself for being so shallow. ___ I am usually keeping an eye on this little girl but her father is a bit addle brained and I follow him when I see him wander off. He is this light being, a glowing light man. I follow him and he slips down into a house. I go down and find myself at a party, a nice 1920's affair. He lounges on a couch and I feel safe knowing where he is enough to go and look at the clothes. The house is set up like a museum, showcasing the family's old styles. I try on a white lace dress and my black dress gets out on the mannequin. The white lace dress fits me perfectly. I put on the black corset over it, and black ruffled tutu, and the black skirt made out of black conch shells which the owner made herself. I also put on the black ruffled lace jacket and two pearl necklaces, one a single row choker, the other a five row choker. The owner comes in and takes off the single row pearl necklace, says I'm not supposed to be wearing it, and asks me where the other one is. I feign ignorance because suddenly the five row pearl necklace is missing, and I know the ghost took it. She was always taking things and getting me in trouble.