Hotel California and Epic Proportions, past notes (22-26)

Date: 5/27/2017

By TheNagual

Note* I woke up with a smooth transition after this first dream sequence, this was spontaneous and coincidental. I was inside a dimly lite hotel, it was the hotel that I always imagine Hotel California to take place at. There was some kind of game going on in a cramped room with surrounding people. A small women in a black dress calls me out for taking 4 benzodiazepines. I tell her that it was not me, it was clearly Anderson. Anderson froze up, he seemed oddly concerned and I got anxious. Physical pain from the inside of our bodies spontaneously arises and we both go outside. My fingers were bleeding from the inside with severe pain, I try to show him, he was crying uncontrollably and in severe pain. I had to call everyone because he started to gush blood and was close to death... Then I woke up. There was a waterfall with two strong men who were me. I swim and fall off and dive to the bottom. Inside an airplane hangar, there was blue monster truck, then, the driver shows me another gargantuan blue truck that was so massive it could fit the other monster truck inside of its right blinker. There was places to hide from cops and the strong men climbed incredibly quickly. A vague sequence of me with lots of women. They all took took note of me and inside the classroom as well. I was stressed out about it because there was so many that liked me that none of them would come to me, they were intimidated. There was a spaceship that ran me over in a hangar and killed me. I re spawned in a spaceship and took note of the surrounding stars.