Everything is Cancelled and I'm Dreaming! 👜

Date: 7/17/2017

By brookethegreat

I had a work thing catering at a campground. A bunch of my non work friends were there. Amanda was wearing the same dress as me. The catering thing suddenly got cancelled because no one showed up to the event. My boss said there was going to be a privilege walk. I assumed it was required, so I didn't leave yet. I hung out in a tent while everything got packed up and set up. People kept popping their heads inside the tent to talk to me but I kinda just wanted to be alone with my thoughts. After a long time I asked someone when the walk was going to happen and they said it got canceled due to lack of interest and we were all free to leave. So I left and caught up with some of my non work friends. I had a hunch that I was dreaming. Kathleen and Amanda kept giving me hints and pointing out things that were weird. They really wanted me to figure it out. Then I noticed that everyone had the same purse as me and I knew.