Rainbow Magic Vivid Crazyness

Date: 3/8/2017

By LionFoot65

My dream begins at the top of this hill in a forest with my family including my Aunt and Godfather and Godmother which we then going to eat with them. After that, I start playing these weird childish video games that don't exist with my brother and his friend. In the video games, the bad guys were bad and ugly while the good guys were lame. After that, I went outside for some reason and started doing crazy tricks on my bike beginning with an amazing wheelie. After that, I start riding my bike with only two hands while my feet were running on this lamppost which then became a wall somehow. During that time, these black girls start trying to talk to me lol but I think I ignore them. When I come back the way I went through, this neighbor guy who I've never seen IRL gives me a crazy magic rainbow dildo. He told me that my uncle took it from my house and apparently it was mine lol. When I look at it, it looks so vivid and real with amazing sets of of colors change and float in and out of each other because it was transparent apparently. Whenever I hit stuff with it, it would get harder and harder the harder I hit something repeatedly and it also made me feel really good when I did. When I went to work, there was this classroom where I found out they were selling kittens. Whenever I get it, I call it Blaze. And my boss seemed to like it too lol. When I get home I realize that Blaze escapes from the backyard so I try to go look for him but instead I see that my cat Theo escaped too and when I start to take him back, the dream ends