What happens when 1 human 1 mostly human and 1 robot/super human have their brains conected.

Date: 7/19/2017

By weaselpuppy

I dreamt that I cut my hair with fabric scissors. This was one of those dreams where there is nothing else I was aware of other than my self and the scissors, there was probably other stuff around me and I think I was in my room but I can't remember exactly. Also I could not see anything other than my head shoulders and arms, it was like a mist was covering the lower half of my body. FYI, I am a girl with short ear length hair that I go cut 2 months ago. I picked up the fabric shears, large and metal the blades have a zigzag edge, and I look at my self even though there is no mirror. It was like my conshous (which is hovering right buy my head and so has a perfect view of my body) decided I need a hair cut so I (my body) took the scissors and while I (my brain) looked at me (my body) and told me (my body) where to cut. I chopped of the hair on the back of my head around my ears so it was really short and then I (brain) looked at me(body) and I (brain) had a discussion with me (body) about my hair, neither of us was satisfied. This is the confusing part of the dream, as in the part that has more strange conections and I can't remember it that well. OK here goes nothing I was mentally conected to this guy, I think it was Kellen or some version of him, we could see what each other where thinking, no, it was like his thoughts where my thoughts and vise versa. I was not exactly myself either, it was like he had made me in some way, like a robot, yet I was human but he was the original human. Anyway we where conected to an actual robot that I think we had made, we could see its thoughts but it did not know what we where thinking. It was not exactly a robot it was more like and advanced human with robot reflexes and other super human aspects. It also had a distinct female aura. We had some kind of mission that we had to complete and this government agency was briefing us. We had to take the plane to some place, to get this thing or save something, but there was a hold up at airport security. They where like what is the robot thing doing? We tryed to assure them that everything was fine and we knew exactly what it was doing but for some reason we wouldn't tell them what the robot was doing. It was very hard to assure the staff when the robot was running around the the air port that had only 1 wall no roof and was on the edge of a cliff. Kellen and I kept finishing each other's sentences and the airport people wanted to know why, but we couldn't tell them. Then the plane was ready or something. We are now flying through a whole bunch of really skinny dusty red mesas that where just all over the place. Our plane changed into a UFO and the robot girl is driving, we kept flying side ways and upside down like in the movies. the other passengers on the ship where like OMG we're gonna die we're flying through ARIZONA NATIONAL PARK!!!! I don't know why they where so scared. Then the plane has crashed and sunk in the river, but everyone is out. The government people who were with us where like (sarcasm alert) thank god we crashed in the river instead of the nice cushy patch of bushes, and now our only way out of here is at the bottom of the river! Then the robot girl was like Yeah, I did that on propose. Then some people who lived in a village that we landed by came over. Then the robot lead us up a mountain because she thought whatever we had to get was up there, but it wasn't so we went back down the mountain and we somehow got the plane and flew away.