Crashed my moms truck

Date: 3/23/2019

By tylerrios01

In this dream I was driving my moms Dodge 1500 ram and I was going about 80 miles an hour and I had to get into the left turning lane to make a U-turn by the time it didn’t look like there were any cars going northbound so I made the U-turn but out of nowhere two cars and a motorcycle came and I had to swerve out of the way over the median and into southbound coming traffic and across the southbound traffic and into the ditch on the side of the road then I police officer came and I was so shaken up but I had to sit there for a second and ask him if I was OK and if I had any injuries on me because I was so shooken up, I remember I was heading towards Orlando and then the motorcycle guy walks up to me and takes off his helmet and it was my dad