Date: 2/21/2017

By Peachiie

In this dream, I had become a golden retriever. I had a little girl by my side, she had a short blonde hair and she looked like my Cousin's old neighboor, Alison. She was also able to turn into an animal, but this animal was a beautiful horse that was white and brown. We were in a park that looked like it came straight out of a movie. There were rows and rows of houses that looked exactly the same. This little girl decided to play with sticks and when I threw one for her she got super mad. She turned back into a little girl, ran over to the nearest house, and made the neighbors help her. I decided that while she did this, it was a good time for me to run. I remember that as I was running, I was almost flying. I would run, sprint, and then hop and glide in the air for a few seconds. I was a dog during this whole process. Somehow, I ended up at one of my friends's house, Victoria. Shinia and my brother were at the house as well. They were doing a slipping slide sort of thing. When I got there, my brother just looked at me and smirked. It made me uncomfortable, it was an expression that said "I know it's you". My brother had turned and walked away while Shinia and Victoria were ecstatic to see this new dog. I told them that I had to go, but I was afraid they wouldn't be able to understand me so I decided to start running. As I was running down the street, I got to peek at the park that this dream started out in. The little girl was making her way back up to the park when she turned and saw me. I noticed that there was another girl, but I don't remember what she looked like. I finally made it to my old house when the girl found me there and was holding a leash that extended which looked like forever. She started to lash out at me, tell me she hates me and that I'm in the worse. I transformed into my normal self and I said "ok" and chewed my gum, stuffed my hands in my gigantic sweatshirt, and walked away. The end.