Computer institute

Date: 7/2/2019

By DreamCatchergirl

I was walking towards an institute..somting like Computer class..When I reach there..The first thing I saw was CB(one of my real colleague) is cleaning the floor..he was bit angry on me when I am entering the room..I said good mrng..But he asked.."What have you done yesterday??" I asked.."What hapend" ..he take me to computer room..He was scolding me on the way..Then we reach computer room..some unknown person was sitting to the PC next to my PC. CB looked to angry. ...He said the unknown person lost all his codes as I changed Ip of my system..I feel realy sad..I cryed..That unkown person said not to worry and I workd with that unknown person to solve the issue..But I was really sad..and I cried in the morning. 2 of my real life colleague (vysh and bazz) was also there. And they also helped me to solve the issue and told be not to be sad. Next sceen is in a classroom.I was sitting in a side seat..on bench 5th from last bench.My friend(Anan -an artist who I have never seen for past few years and no contact with him) was taking class..And he is taking lecture from the frond of calss..and we are not able to hear anyting..but we didnt respond..(most of students on my seat and behind where using mobile phn..and also put headset..but I was I am not in a good mood) he came to our seat(actualy no one in my class know that we were friends) and he asked what is the anser..i said we didnt hear your it is to low.he reapid as it is because you guyz were not concentrating...And using mobile phones..i said "No ..I am not using mobile phone. U can check my bag..its there in my bag." He said to take my mobile phn out..and he said in a childesh manner.."So that I can see your paintings dear"..everyone staired at us..