War and Wings

Date: 5/19/2017

By Daydreamer123

My house had been almost completely robbed with all of my books gone and our rooms almost empty. Somehow there was a war and everywhere was set on fire and building were falling down ( I woke up feeling so grateful that it was just a dream 😭 ) Me and my family got into a van and drove to a quiet concrete town that was empty of any people until we saw loads of firemen rushing into town as fire was starting behind them - (Different character, same dream?) I had wings ( I was Chrono from chrono crusade ) me and my other friends (about 5 ) had an idea to fly people to a safe area. So we met up near this old warehouse next to the sea and an old house on the left. So we found people to carry and left in the air over the sea (flying felt so amazing but frightening) as I think my character was't to confident at flying.!