Duke of Dementia!

Date: 7/22/2017

By hailthesillynick

So, from back when I was in Middle School, I was in the bowling club. Of course as for that's because I love bowling by the way. Because it's so fun, you know! AW MAN! I wish I was in Middle School still. Cause I had so much fun as well as had a lot of friends in there! High School sucks though, man! I wish I was in Middle School forever. But well, remember what they say: you have to move on once you get older due to age. Sucks I know. But it's true. Alright, so what happened was that I was bowling with my favorite club in Middle School, The Bowling Club, and a mysterious man appeared and he was the Duke of the Dementia brain disorder! And I screamed out: Duke of Dementiaaaaaa!!! This was a dream I had 2 years ago anyway. Can't get over it cause it was so awesome, you know?