Couldn't wake up

Date: 4/21/2017

By astralaustin

Had a very real dream that I literally just woke up from. I took a nap for about an hour or so at least it felt like, but I couldn't wake up in it. It felt like I was awake and I got up and did stuff in my room and it felt so real, but I kept going back to my bed and waking up temporarily. It was like I was going in and out of the dream. At one point in the dream I was on my bed and the bed was laid out differently. I actually ended up humping it (haha) and trying to orgasm but I held the orgasm in and visualized something I've been trying to manifest for awhile. At one point in the dream I had a really cool idea for a painting (I'm an artist) and ended up etching this beautiful portrait of a violet colored woman's face. The detail was so precise and I remember her expression so clearly. But then I remember trying to force myself awake but I couldn't move or speak so at this point I realized it was sleep paralysis. I tried rolling over, which didn't work, and kept pushing and pulling but nothing. Then I rolled over eventually but I kept slipping back into sleep because of how tired I was! Then just a few minutes ago, I felt my dog next to me which kind of forced me to move and thank god I did because that's when I was able to breakthrough. But man were those dreams so vivid! I actually thought I was awake they were so real...