Longest Dream I ever remember

Date: 3/3/2017

By Corvus

Awoke in a forest with many others, we do not know where we are but we were left with a map of the place and a warning where the great predator. The thunder tiger resides, near the abandoned old trains that could get us out of here. There were a lot of trains on that area, and we have already formulated our plan, and started our escape. We started at night when the tiger was sleeping and tried to come aboard the trains. There were a group of people that tried to steal the train that my group has started to run... and they succeeded. My group were left with nothing but a half scrapped train because that group doesn't know hot to run it, and wrecked havoc from their frustration. Morning came, and we have realised that the tiger was already awake. We were afraid of what's to come, but was at a loss when the predator which the tiger would be wasn't there nor anywhere else. Instead a train like bus was there, a very old but at least not broken train covered in vines. We were elated, we have a working vehicle! By using the spare from the wrecked train we were able to start the old bus and escape the area. We were able to catch up to the trains but is on guard for thieves. We have set an alarm system on the bus, traps and system that will notify each of us that an issue has arrived. I have also created a personal system separate from the team has created. After a day we were able to catch up fully at the group of trains, they have stopped in a group of buildings, where people can sleep. But since we can already sleep at the bus, and to prevent thieves, we never left the bus. A group of people has come in the morning, introducing themselves as our teachers, and welcomed us to their school. They have also explained that the buildings were their dormitory. At school, the team was separated into different rooms. The first teacher has instructed the girls to drop down and lick the pants of the guy on the private part of the pants. After enduring for a while. The second teacher came and instructed us boys to strip and let the girls continue. At that order I snapped and told the teacher "I will not tolerate this immoral actions anymore" and walked out. In the streets I encountered a girl trying to get me back to class, and as I was already irritated by their actions, I slashed a dull cutter I have in hand unto the neck of the girl, she's not dead but a green smoke came out of her mouth and skirt. Confused I got home, there was no one at home but 2men and a woman. They introduced themselves as the principals of the school and that I killed one of them. Enraged I fought for hours that looked like playing hide and seek and slashed them at the neck. The same green smoke came out... End Of Dream. (Vivid Dream)