stormy road with meat hanging in poles

Date: 8/8/2017

By asbailao

I was in my home town, where I don't live anymore, travelling to another place with my parents in a car, like we used to when I was a kid (and we visited grandma who lived in another town). the sky was covered with dark clouds, like a summer storm was coming in the late afternoon. the road was through a rural area, in both sides were farms of sugar canes, some isolated trees and a line of pieces of meat, like huge raw T-bones hanging from poles, hundreds, one after the other, one wood pole for each piece of meat. one after the other on one side od the road. it felt like something traditional, like meat to be dried up, but also really scary - there was a wrong feeling about it and the landscape / skyscape made things worse as the storm was about to fall on us. i had the feeling we were both travelling and running away, and we stopped in a place like a huge factory or storage for grains when the rain started. we parked there and went inside. i remember my parents were talking about the food, maybe like a famous outback restaurant with rural traditional meals... i woke up there.