Person who killed himself and his son

Date: 8/9/2019

By astianaa

Years ago I had a dream about this attractive black man I used to talk to on FB. I always knew he was a depressed soul then he went MIA from the internet. He was a God fearing man. His momma could barely take care of herself along with her household. So he came to me.. I met him again at a weird fair or convection. He looked well. Wore a suit. Drove a black hatchback Honda. Samsung phone (older but still newer). He said that he missed me and knew that I would come back. He said that he’s been so sad. He created a life that could support him and his son but his momma was saddening his heart, his dad wasn’t in his life, he wasn’t loved by a woman - but he felt it from me the most. His son is doing well in school and he has him in the best school but he’s sad about his mother nothing being in his life. I asked him if he’s felt better. Is he still depressed? Still suicidal? He goes yes. So we go for a walk and he’s holding my hand the entire time. He says, “You’ve always acted like an old man towards me. You never wanted me to do things.” “I said I never wanted you to do things that would pull you deeper into a hole. I wanted you to be safe! You’ve been away and I never knew what happened to you.” “Follow me, I wanna give you something.” So we walk to the back entrance of the building and walk out of the glass doors with dew on them. The suns rays were filling in a bit through the overcast and light rain fall. We walked to his car and sat. He said I love you, and I’m sorry but this is what happened.. he shows me on his phone (Somehow I mentally teleported to the corner of the room that the recording was in). It was his apartment. He cleared out his sons bedroom. Moved the curtain railings to make room for these two large blocks of wood that he nailed in. He expresses that life has been good but he can see in his eyes how lost he is as well. On the support beams he nailed up a large rod for a strong rope to hang from. It was a lasso. He brought his son into the room with a black comforter over his shoulders. He looked sleepy. (Drugged?) My friend positions the rope over his neck, and I move a bit to see it around his sons as well. He tugs on the rope and they suspend. Before I see that, I cry out “no!” And he grabs my hand. He tells me that they’re better now. He wants me to know that he will always love me. I tell him, “What about God? You tried to cheat God. Your next life won’t be joyous.” And he goes, “But we’re okay now.” The suns rays shown over his face and I seen his skin decaying. He is alluding to that he wants me to keep his things as long as I help his and his son soul cross over. He said I know I’ll have to wait again for you, but I’ll be here.. Now I’m walking ahead of him into the convection and I start looking at a centerpiece of red wood. Dream shifts. That dragon/creature farm you used to dream about being on the side of the road. Y’all revisited. Y’all got in and got tickets. It was Danneshias birthday and y’all wanted the next VIP pass. So the girl walks up and asks who wants it. Raynah on her tippy toes saying to King, “You wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for me King!”