Second nephew

Date: 8/19/2019

By sadinarus

So I remember my sister was pregnant! Andddd she gave birth in a hospital to my second nephew. She named him DJ. And it was weird because once she gave birth, we had to assemble the baby pretty much. We were at a hospital but there were no doctors. So it was just me, her and my mom. Once she gave birth to my nephew she went into another room and put him down in one of those cribs they have at the hospital. And In the room we were in,where she gave birth, me and my mom were over by a counter. Idk where all the kidneys and stuff came from, but we had lungs, kidneys and a heart that my sister had to put inside DJ. I remember trying to figure out how that works and when I asked my mom said something about a vacuum. I was fucking confused. But my sister was coming back and forth to my mom to get the vital organs and go place them inside of the baby. And the last thing my mom handed off was the lungs, she put them inside a plastic bin with two metal poles. I was worried that the lungs were going to get poked from the metal poles. My mom moved them around a bit but she was not concerned. My sister came to retrieve the rest and She took the lungs out and was just holding them and letting them dangle. When we follow her into her next room, the baby is in his crib and on the left of him is three poles that hold his lungs, kidneys and heart. All the poles have tubes that are connected to the baby. I don’t know what happens after that, but I know he’s safe and he is now at home. Só Im on the school bus coming home from school I guess and I’m with my old bestfriend Taijah. We sit on the bus together and we started talking and this other girl sat on the same seat with us and said she’s gonna sit there with us until she’s warm again. The bus was freezing! So we all sat there together, fully grown so it was kind of tight. But we didn’t mind and me and Taijah continued to talk. Eventually it’s our stop and for some reason my legs get REALLY tired and it’s hard for me to move them. But I stand up and am the last person off the bus. We were dropped off at my old house, which was a condominium, so we were at the entrance, she had to walk to her condominium community which was next to mine. So the bus starts to pull off, but I guess a kid realized that this is his stop. So the bus stops and the kid gets off and then it pulls off and takes a left into this field of trees, swamps and wild animals. (This is actually real. Where I used to live there were houses on one side and on the other side was just a bunch of deserted land and a set of train tracks). So I was walking with Taijah and started talking to her and she was saying how tired she was and how she didn’t want to do something. And she mentioned how “wanlow “ was going to make her do something. And I remember repeating the name. I seen it on a sign. It was the sign of her condominiums. Wanlow was the man that owned them. And she was saying how he makes her go into the forest across the street to retrieve or clean up the guns that get placed there. And I remember saying “but that’s dangerous, there’s animals over there” Taijah just gave me a look and continued walking. I decided to continue walking with her and I’d walk up the hill to my house that is aligned with pine trees. She looked like she was trying to avoid someone, and she was was. A tall white man with a slight tan in a blue suit, walks over to us and is telling Taijah what she has to do today. And she’s like can it wait I’m tired. He says no, and she doesn’t put up much of a fight and he walks off. I wasn’t allowing that to happen! So I’m tell him “She’s not doing shit for you! She’s fucking tired and she’s a kid! That’s dangerous and irresponsible of you to even put that responsibility on somebody else!” Taijah was worried that she was going to be kicked out of her house. I knew she wouldn’t be, because of laws. But I made sure she’d come to my house just in case. And the guy for some reason is walking towards my house. And I’m still screaming at him and cursing at him and dropping MANY F-bombs in every sentence. And we arrive at my house and he just walks up in there. My mom is sorting on the couch to the right and my dad to the left. My baby nephew DJ is in his new little bouncer and my other baby nephew, Laith, is with my dad. My mom and Dad are divorced só Im happy they are getting along. But it doesn’t stop me from following Mr.Wanlow. I’m telling him “YOU NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE! You are pathetic and sad piece of shit! Next time you want somebody to retrieve fucking guns for you then do it yourself you bitch!” And he walks to the back of the house, to the patio, where my sister and my older nephew is at, and closes the door. I’m yelling at him to “open the fucking door and get the fuck out of here!” I open it and he exits. Feeling triumphant I go back to the living room with my parents and pick up baby Dj and hug him close and say “I love this little boy already” he had green food left on his mouth, but he was very content. And I remember thinking, ‘my sister is having all the boys that I want, watch when I get pregnant I’m going to have a girl!’ THE END.