The "treasure hunt"

Date: 3/21/2017

By DidiPerry

I had a very long and intense dream. Again really much details, I cannot write down, as it would be too much. I was somewhere in a desert or kind of a desert. It was beautiful. I looked down to somewhat like a excavation where people were going around, looking for something. I know, I was looking for something too and that I have to solve some riddles, to get to it. The sun was shining and it was a really nice day. Not too hot or anything like that. I was going into this excavation which was huge. I saw people who were desperate trying to figure things out and I could easily walk nearby them. They didn’t even notice me. At some point I came to something like a room, to which I had to climb into (through a window or something, but without glass in it, just a whole in a wall). There were again people, looking around. I sat down on the ground and I could see the night coming. And I was looking to the stars, still it was really nice there. The people around me gave up and went down again, but I knew, that I had to wait, to solve the riddle, even if I didn’t really know the riddle or what I was looking for exactly. Then I saw it in the stars. Also again, it was just like a feeling of knowing “this is it”. I had a smile on my face and went down to the next place I had to go. There I could feel, that some people were looking at me. They know, I knew the next hint. And I felt their envy and I also felt that some of them wanted to bring me down, even kill me. I was afraid, but just for a short time, for a moment. Then I knew, that there is someone who will help me. And there “he” was. It was not really a human being or an animal or anything it was I loving creature. And that creature gave me something, I needed to get to the “treasure”. I had to wear something else and hide with “him”, before I could go outside again, as the “bad people” were still looking for me. As “he” said I had to go now, to hurry. I smiled and went outside. Unfortunately I woke up then. But I still knew, that what the people were looking for…the “treasure” was not gold or pearls or any other kind of money or whatsoever, I knew it was something better, some kind of enlightenment and I smiled. Also I don’t know what exactly it was, I know it was nothing material.