Date: 2/1/2017

By falleen

We played games in an old abandoned house. Sadistic games. Cruel games. We were a group laughing at each other's humiliation. I was made to take a drug that altered my vision, obscured it. They laughed while he drew alphabets and numbers I couldn't read. They were simple characters. I got it wrong each time. They laughed. I couldn't see the characters clearly. Some characters were missing. They laughed. He picked up a chopper and gestured at me. There was a large piece of raw meat on the table. He chopped it once. He looked at me and turned the blade up and brought the chopper down on the blunt edge. The meat couldn't slice. My vision cleared a little. He was testing me. I blurted out "You're using the wrong edge". I forced my head to clear and I stumbled towards him. He backed up towards a wall. I walked towards him. He smiled and opened his arms and I leaned forward to hug him. I could feel tears falling. Relief. He was tall and lanky and had a crisp white shirt. His name was Kostya.