A String of Plastic Covered Tortillas

Date: 7/18/2017

By weaselpuppy

I was a camp counselor and my mom was driving me to the spot that we where going to meat. I think we where late. I get out of the car and notice that we are at the elementary school I used to go to exept it is in the middle of a field of dried grass with only 1 tree and we where beneath it. There was a picnic table and the school looked abandoned. I waked up to the lady who was running the camp (Loretta) and said that I had forgot a water bottle and asked if I needed 1 today, in fact I did not have anything except what I was wearing. She asked one of the kids to get me a water bottle and I think she called it a bean sack. the kid when to her mom's car and got out a bean sack, it the out side of a very large bean and it had water in it, the bean shell? was very flexible and I tyed it shut so water wouldn't leak out. Then Kate came on her bike. There is a brief part that I don't remember and then Kate has all these tortillas (I think she brought them with her) and she sets them down on the table. I can't remember if I was trying to be helpful or if I was angry because I forgot my lunch and she was the one who brought for everyone, anyway I walked over and and said to Kate Here have some tortillas! and I threw 1 at her not realizing that they where all conected by their little plastic wrappers. The tortillas come flying of the stack in a big string and Kate tryed to spin away but instead the tortillas just wrapped around her. She looked like one of those cartoons where the character is all bundled up. I just looked at her, I remember feeling distinct confusion about the tortilla string.