Creepy teacher

Date: 7/30/2017

By cjbow24

Now I've been watching YouTube vids with a lot of stupid lucid dreams (achievement hunter) and one of the people had a bunch of dreams either about a toilet or peeing themselves. So I was randomly using the bathroom in a stall and for some reason I could see through the stall and see the urinals, I don't know how but bare with me. I knew one of the two people takin a piss and they where one urinal apart, then this creepy teacher I knew(and didn't like) came into the bathroom and stood in between both of the dudes, whole Time I'm taking a piss. They were talking and whatnot and then the teacher put his hand on the dude I knew, and put his hand on his lower back and I was like the fuck? I think I actually said it cuz then the teacher looked around and left. For some reason after that I left and was at a hockey arena and then played some hockey(I've done broomball and floor hockey but never real hockey and I was really good for no reason) but was a weird turn of events. Yea and fuck that teacher XD