Disc golf and spaghetti

Date: 8/7/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was disc golfing with my brother, and on the specific hole you had to throw clear across a lake. I see some abandoned discs on the other side, so I say I'm going to go get them. It switches a few times, so I over there picking up discs, then I'm back with my brother and throwing across the lake (I somehow get closer to the basket than he did, but all of our shots still went in the water) and then I'm back on the basket side standing on rocks out in the water. Eventually he gives up, and goes to meet the rest of my family for dinner. I try to tell him to wait for me, but he doesn't. I run back around the lake once more. There's a house on the road, and on the counter inside is the spaghetti that's for dinner. For some reason I have this "motto" or "theme" for the dinner ingrained in my head. "Normal food for normal people." There is a non-family couple that's at the table, and they're being super awkward. Trying to feed each other spaghetti and making out with it and each other and I'm just like "I thought this was supposed to be food for NORMAL people." It had taken me so long to get back that everyone else was already out in the back yard, and the leftover spaghetti was already cold, but I was so hungry that I took it all anyway.