Safety and surprise: my magnificent homecoming

Date: 6/1/2017

By TheNagual

The dream starts with a party that was over and I wondered and passed by. The party was outside in a cloudy overcast setting, inside the pool I know but situated in the center of my old school. There were large flasks of brown brew. A few men help me to borrow someone's drink, I had a reputation built up. Time passes and more people for a new party starts to show up. 100's of men and women I did not recognize, all were older than me. The party progresses as Spencer shows up with three bottles of vodka, everyone cheered. I had several swigs and was analyzing everyone, so many strange unfamiliar faces. Non of the women appeared attractive, except one that had a pleasant aura. Parents started to show up and the party ended. I attempt to walk back to my old Buick but can't remember where I parked because I was drunk. I was in a very long line of people trying to get out, in front of me was the women and her father. We attempt to escape another way and find ourselves in a multilayer platform arena. We were now stuck, high up, with virtually no ledge to jump to. The whole scene was a balancing act with a flashlight. I stopped them... told them to be quiet... to our left in the distance was an orange dragon; then, another one, and down the line I look at all the multi color and still dragons until I discover a blue one right in front of my face. They remained still, but suddenly animated. I ran and found a safe room downwards and called them. They came, we hid and went out the back which was now a shopping center. The father started shopping and we slowly left the store. Outside was dark and the mall area was peaceful with festivities. Here, I seemed to connect with the women: a small blond hair girl with thin yet solid lips. I felt intense love, then I was dancing with Nick and the presence of DMT was felt. Somewhere down this line, we were shopping again and I engaged sexual play with her and we both felt very comfortable. My consciousness blanks and skips here. I awake a sunny afternoon talking to a few distorted figures? One was an old coach. Apparently I had been asleep or had been unconscious for some reason for a very long time. I thought it was months, from March to November I thought. Coach told me it was only until June. I was watching the women now, she hadn't known what happened to me after several years. She still waited for me, never felt right to her. At a dinner table I texted her, she was in shock and her parents had just told her to give up. The quest was now to travel great distances so we can find each other again. My story led me through a trek through great stormy and high mountains were I slept under rocks and trees. Her story was that of divine Gaia powers in a far off forest. She found the center of the forest, a great regulating point. Tree branches formulated upwards and at the top was a glowing orb of white light. An old shaman woman wove her stick around her head and struck the light. Suddenly the women appears in my terrain. For only one night she sleeps under the shelter of a wood log out in cold rain hoping to find me next morning. We were right on the other side of the rock that night and didn't know it. In the morning... I saw her and went over to her cave, we had switch spots? I awaited until she saw me as we both dug through colorful autumn leaves. We embraced each other with magical ecstasy... final symbols were that of a black folded square in my hand and apologizes I could not stop weeping for.