American Pycho

Date: 9/22/2019

By jcd745

My dreams starts in frantic fight with a random younger guy I don’t know. He and I were trying to kill some random girl. Once we finished the job (I’m not sure how it was done) we drove to my house. I live in the woods so it would be fairly easy to try and hind a dead body. I remember thinking about search dogs and how they would be able to find it though. Just as I finished that thought I felt a pinch on my forearm. It was the girl. She was staring up at me eye wide open. She somehow had managed to fake dying and she had a gun on her. So she snuck it to me and I held it to my accomplice who I still had no idea who he was. I remember hearing police sirens. I also remember my neighbor coming through the tree line that separates our house and she acted like she knew the guy I was with. Then I woke up. I swear I’m not a pycho. I did happen to watch the movie American Pycho before I was going to bed though. The girl somewhat looked like Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl which is one of my favorite movies. I also live near an area where a lot sirens go off.