Date: 2/25/2017

By jevan

on holiday with tom hopcraft and we went to catch some big waves that turned into a tsunami but managed to get perfectly washed up onto a cliff and gave us a boost for a run. we met his dad at a temple and he was dressed weirdly so i called him dudu. like a white bird. we ran and slid round the muddy temple for a bit and then got dropped off in a nearby city but when we arrived there was a pack of ginormous lions on the loose so me, megan, liv, and katya ran to this house on stilts with a very narrow staircase that was too hard for a lion to climb. in the apartment were two short bald round men, maybe twins, and a tall dark woman. they were very accommodating. we watched the chaos unfold down below and katya made us all hotdogs. eilidh was there too at this point. once i got mine i put it on my head and it gradually fell apart as the woman was giving us her blessing and i said "i just ruined a nice moment didnt i??" i looked outside and now panthers were crawling down from the inside of those bunches of balloons that they sell on the street. then i woke up.