The one where Shawn Mendes was my therapist

Date: 6/6/2019

By eszbuh

I dreamed it was my job to cross a bridge covered in green vines and thorns that grew out of heavy desert sand, and each time I went back and forth, the bridge got longer and more thick vines grew, trying to trip me. Shawn Mendes was assigned to be my therapist, even though he had no qualifications, and I think that was by design. The “Man” at the top wanted me to suffer for his benefit, or some critical commentary on modern capitalism. Anyway, Shawn Mendes kept singing sweet songs, trying to get me to talk about my angsty inner woes, but I was super uncomfortable and kept refusing. After a while, he got tired of me refusing and turned into a massive beetle. However, it’s Shawn Mendes, and he’s unfairly beautiful, so he turned into a very pretty beetle with a lustrous pink and purple exoskeleton, like that one piece of classic literature that criticizes capitalism where the main guy wakes up one day and he’s a beetle.