Alien Tree Invasion

Date: 3/30/2019

By Fitful

I was directing this creative writing class in some old Victorian mansion. I think it was a type of home for a variety of people. I was trying to get this new program off the ground. I got everyone on board and gave them their first assignment but I tried to write Shakespeare into a comic book and I got stuck, writers block, and I felt bad because the whole thing had been my idea. ~ Later I was trying to get this piece of technology to work properly. It looked like a type writer piece, just a hard plastic casing and a plastic paper which stayed rolled up, all with a USB port to connect it. Somehow it sent someone back in time, my cousin Alex. And now I was trying to communicate with them in the past to get him back. I could talk through it, but it was very fuzzy and the equivalent of tech person in the past, a female, was somehow uncooperative. ~ I was trying to tell them how to use some roots as a power source. I'm my time, what was the future, these roots were amazing, very full of energy and capable to power the time device. They couldn't or didn't hear me, didn't understand. One root ran really deep , and was as large as an old tree trunk underneath the ground. It would have been enough to use to get him back. But instead I used it to go back to retrieve him. Finally, I managed to launch myself back in time. I landed with accuracy at the same Victorian mansion and found my friend Alex sorta made a slave by a female who'd been imprisoned in the house. She was quite fat and did nothing but torment her pets, cover them in holograms for her own amusement, and doing nothing else but eating. Her pets were quite neglected as well, very hungry and starved thin. My friend Alex, who was a gargoyle, was now in a human hologram. I tried to get him to come with me but he refused. He said it wasn't safe to leave. I tried to leave, show him it was safe. There were no barriers to keep them there, the yard was empty, just trees around the perimeter and some new thin trees poking up around the yard, quite short spindly things. But they told me, well Alex told me as he was the only one who cared, that it wasn't safe. It was the trees. I shrugged off his staying hand and went out onto the lawn. But he was right, the spindly trees immediately began to grow. They became massive in the span of a few minutes. It turned out they were sentient, and violent. Maybe aliens. Maybe a spell to keep the fat girl imprisoned for some horrid misdeed. But they kept them in the house and were impossible to escape. The could pop up out of smooth flat ground. But I had an idea suddenly. Electricity. I thought a good shock could battle them off. As it turned out the fat girl was also a shopaholic and bought tons of needless things over the internet. How she got them in the house, past the trees, I will never know. But she did point me to an electric gun. I found it, and realizing the trees were probably set to take over the world I asked dhow much it had cost. Her butler said it had been $53 and I told her to make a website selling it at $150 on sale and $200 regular price. I raced out to take care of the trees, not knowing if she went back to doing nothing but eating or if she did as I said. Out the front door I set the gun to work trying to hit a spindly tree. I hit two black pigs instead, one came flying towards me and stuck into the wall beside me. For a moment I thought it's large bulk would crush me but it didn't. Finally I got the spindly tree closest to me. I hit it once, then twice, then finally on the third time I figured out to keep the trigger held down to shock it. The shock worked, finally. As more and more electricity flowed into it the more and more to grew, and grew, and grew angry too. It finally was the size of an old oak like you'd have out in your bag yard but it was macabre, like it had a face. And it was mad. It shot out a root arm tentacle and grabbed me and shoved me in its mouth, inside a sickly orange glow keeping it alive and looking very Halloween. I screamed and ran and kicked and somehow got away. I ran back into the house with visions of it comjgn after me, growing tree legs and walking the very tall Victorian corridors. I knew it was just behind me. I rand around the house screaming my head off, saying ti tried to eat me and it was coming. The fat girl, her pets including my cousin Alex now an actual gargoyle, and her butler just ignored me, stared occasionally. But I didn't feel safe near any windows. Each time I neared a window I felt like the trees could see me. And I could hear them in my head, threatening with visions if that they'd do. It was terrifying. I finally sat in the middle of the house on a couch and rocked back and forth, unsure how to deal.