Date: 7/28/2019

By sugarbelle

In this dream, my dad was hitler, but he was a Jew who was also being hunted by the nazis. We were all in a house trying to find a place to hide. I laid down next to the bed trying to cover myself. All I could hear was the sound of each person near me saying their name, and saying their religion, and then a gunshot. As the nazi’s got to my room and shot the person on the other side of the bed, I quickly lifted up the mattress and went under it. They weren’t able to find me surprisingly, and I realized the leader was a female. She knew I was hiding somewhere and put me on the top of the most wanted list. Next thing I know, I’m in a huge department store with my whole school. The Nazi’s agreed to give us some time to hide, and then they’d be after us. I ran to the back and I saw a bunch of wine glasses on shelves all the way to the ceiling, and then on the top shelf in the middle of the glasses was some sort of wooden box. I started to climb up to get to the box, but two boys next to me started to climb too and knocked over all the glasses and the nazi’s started to notice. Then I ran, trying to find another spot, and found a huge storage container. I went to the little hole in the corner and inside I saw some kids I knew like Beckett chillin on a couch with string lights inside. I decided to join them. But first, I peeked outside and I saw some girls literally just laying on the shelves in plain sight. Next thing I knew I was with some girls like Milani, and we were running outside the store. There was a huge garage with hundreds of cars, so we began to run through the because time was running out. All the sudden, we realized people were inside the cars, and they started revving the engines and honking and using the high beams. I remember one car tried to show me kindness though. We ran out and the Nazi’s found us. We just ran inside again. Next thing I knew I was in a bunk house. There was a naked woman on a bed. That’s all I remember.