The same guy

Date: 6/29/2017

By saulute992

I created a fake account on the dating web... that guy texted me. I wasn't here for dating, i just wanted to mess around with those people. We started to talk, kind of liked that guy... anyways, didn't want to get into relationships, so i pranked him. Told the wrong coordinates to our 'first date'. At that day when we had to meet, i was in the school yard, it was a break time. Saw him walking that way, he didnt see me ofcourse. But he saw that im done texting a message at the same time he gets it, so he wanted to know. I run away, but he was curious to find me. He found some teachers and told them our story. They were looking for me, because teachers wanted to make me apologize, but the guy just wanted to meet me. Anyways, they couldn't find me... i heard people talking that he left, so i came back to classes. It was the day when we had to get new books. I was the last one without it... and suddenly the same guy with brown hairs came in. I was shocked. He came to me and gave those books (bet he made a deal with my teacher). So... i didnt look at his face. Just took the books and sat down. He walked away. Kind of sad, i guess... after school i met him and his friend. We started talking, i apologized... Later, like, after a day i think, found him on a roof. He was heading somewhere with books in his hands. I asked if what kind of books is he reading He said that he loves geography... but the book he had wasn't that good. I said that he can borrow my books. He smiled. His smile looked perfect... we somehow started drawing on his old books. We drew a forest with water colors. It looked amazing... then i woke up. I can't remember who is that guy... everytime i wake up after dreaming his face, i forget how it looks... the only thing i know about him, is that he's brown haired guy. Can somebody fall in love with a guy in it's dream? I guess so... anybody knows why is that guy in almost every dream?