This is what sleeping on the floor does to your brain (15-20 lucid dreams)

Date: 7/21/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So I woke up at 7am after a terrible sleep. So I ate breakfast than went back to sleep on the floor. After laying there for just 2 minuets not only could I see dream landscapes but I could hear people talking. I drifted off very quickly and fell asleep. I had a super strange dream about having to traverse a discussing swamp that was chin high in all your clothes. I started taking off some of my clothes so I would have something to wear after I got out. But they freaked out and wouldn't let me. When I got in the swamp there was like hurricane force currents that swept me away and I had to get a guy to come in and rescue me. It ended there I woke up and got up off the floor fully rested and then I saw my aunt who started yelling and freaking out at me. (She never yells) at that point I knew it was a dream and woke myself up. It was a false awakening. I was terrified I would sleep too long and kept checking my phone. I then realized I could have turned it into a lucid dream. So I went back to sleep and basically did wild. I was in some sort of weird office building that was about 25 storylines tall. I decided to be basically spider man and traverse up the wall by literally walking up it vertically. I ran all the way up like 500 ft. Then grabbed a pane of glass out and threw it down. I jumped off to follow it and watch it shatter and woke up again just before I hit the ground. I immediately went back to sleep and continued the dream. I tell you about that later if you're interested because this is already getting to long. I also had a dream about a super hot girl. She had long brown hair and was wearing a skin tight sexy black outfit that pushed up her breasts. She was on the floor on her back and she rolled over a bit and her entire breast popped out of her dress. It took her a few seconds to notice but when she did she was embarrassed then giggled in a sexy girly voice and let it stay out. I got a huge erection and was super turned on . Then I felt myself waking up so I reached my hand out and could feel it. I could feel it so real, soft and squishy. I couldn't even see her anymore but could still feel her boob. It was the most realistic touch I've ever had in a dream to date. I was so mad when I woke up we could have had some fun 😉 That's it for now the swamp dream I mentioned continued including them trying to steal me phone and a lot more dreams. Let me know if you want me to post those.