3 Dreams While On A Cruise

Date: 7/2/2019

By richellebucks

1. My cousin was losing her virginity on this cruise ship with this boy. I dont know why but she decided to do it in front of her entire family. At first her and her boyfriend attempted to get her wet. He fingered her and she said it hurt a lot. Then after that a bunch of blood starting come out of her, like a heavy period. She was screaming in pain. It really traumatized me. 2.I had a dream I was on a cruise ship with my uncle and fily and these other girls. We were playing volleyball on the sidewalk that was on the cruise. We were playing it in the middle of the sidewalk so it was hard for people to walk through, so we played on this grassy part. It was small and then this group of old white women decided to want to play in that exact spot too, so we had to move AGAIN. While we were playing, one of the girls accidentally pushed me and I almost fell into the ocean. We started arguing and yeah. 3. In this dream, the power of the cruise went out and everyone gave was mashed up with random people’s faces. Everyone’s face was now a mash of several Game Of Thrones & The Office characters. I was a mix of myself and The Hound from Game Of Thrones. Anyways, I was pregnant and giving birth to my husbands baby while the power was out and I was freaking out. Then this random dude told us this weird plan : me and my husband would go on this wooden tram thing on this zip line, which would somehow induce my labor. Then he said we would hold down on a string and put the baby in a basket and bring it inside the room, then we would try to bring ourselves into the room. Me and my husband did it for some reason. Then the tram broke and I started freaking out again. Then the dream ended.