Dog monster

Date: 8/26/2017

By ispeakofdreams

I was at home with my family, but it didn't look like my home at all. We knew that some sort of monster was coming and also a flood or hurricane, so the first thing I do is start making kraft dinner. We got life jackets and provisions and stored them in the basement. The monster arrived before we could eat the kraft dinner and it took me away! The flood had started but I had my life jacket so I was swimming fine. The monster looked like a huge black skinny dog but it also had human qualities. It was swimming ahead of me and leading me along this creepy brick wall. Every time I tried to fall back and get away he would turn around and I'd have to keep following. We got to this weird old castle and the flood didn't reach there. I was in this giant old room and there were lots of people but they were evil like the monster. For some reason my best friend alysa was there and she kept making me little weapons and putting them in my pocket to help me escape. Then the monster dog took me along some forest trail and there was a little cottage. I think he was gonna put me in there but I tried to escape and woke up? I think there was more to this dream but I cant remember :(