Ambulance crew

Date: 5/25/2019

By $MrKrabzWalking

I was a part of some ambulance crew and we were on call. The first part of the dream we were in somebody’s backyard and there was a body that we were working on and he wasn’t moving. The other 3 in the group were really serious but I didn’t know what to do, they gave me an order and I did it. But it was weird stuff like pull the guys ears or smack his stomach and they were using really big words that I’m sure don’t make sense. Anyways we worked for a while then the captain says “alright let’s take a break, go in the house and grab me a Twix” so we abandoned the bodies and went into a normal looking white suburban house. When we walked in it was like a 30 story prison. I didn’t think anything of it but I started searching the cells and had to go down a ton of flights of stairs. I finally found a Twix in a trashcan and started heading back but there was smoke everywhere. I think the prison was on fire. Then I woke up