insane driving

Date: 5/30/2022

By rembrandt

had a dream my dad was driving like an absolute maniac, with the whole fam in the car. he was going reverse at like 100mph in the freeway. and bumped into a car. me and mom were yelling at him to slow down but he wouldn’t listen. then he turned the car around and keep speeding and went through 2 red lights and caused an accident for some other cars. there was an incline part to exit the freeway with a large loop and he sped through a light to get there but had to turn off into a grassy area because he was coming in too fast for that loop. then we arrived at some outdoor food area with various restaurants. there was something in the news about people getting killed by a crazy driver. my dad couldn’t believe it was him. me and my mom were so angry with him but he was dismissive. another part of my dream i was in the apartment and had a big hose, and decided to shoot it upwards at the popcorn ceiling and it cleaned off all the dust there was also some weird broken fan hanging from the ceiling which i guess dad or ian put there.