Date: 8/6/2017

By emilyar

There was a dirty cave under the ocean where my Aunt Sarah lived and she had two babies that were hungry and dirty and they played with things that kids left in the ocean. Mom was trying to convince Sarah to stay with us because the living conditions were so poor but she didn't want our help. Then one of the babies choked on a tissue and Sarah decided to come with us. That was lucky because almost as soon as we left the cave a plane with another plane on top of it crashed into the cave. The plane released small train cars that connected themselves to the electrical wires and they released big soft flowers that covered the whole earth, and nobody wanted to work anymore. And there was giant pieces of popcorn all over, and the popcorn turned alive and would talk but we all still ate it. And some of the boy popcorns would hop over to women and look up their skirts so I would eat those horny popcorns because they were perverts