lucid beach

Date: 3/1/2017

By lucid Bushugi

I was at someone's house and it was a different planet. I was used to earth so looking at a different planets sky was interesting. I opened the persons front door and looked at the sky. there were a few stars (even tho it was daytime). I thought there was two moons but one was just an asteroid. I walk outside and the scenery changes. I become lucid and I start walking under this bridge and end up at a beach. it looked so satisfying. the sky was orange and the water was perfect. I had a robe on and I just ran into the water, I felt so light and the water was warm and relaxing. I saw little creepy girl dresses in pink standing in the water. her hair was covering her face. I then heard a car horn come from the ocean. I looked back and there was a 12 foot wave towering over me. I tried to run away but t was too close and I ended up waking up from it.